Deluxe Stress Test

Set floor: $70.13

This set contains collectibles out of the following packs:

1. Long-Ass Line (Deluxe)
This wait to get inside goes on and on and on and on...


#25 out of 100

2. Police Lights (Deluxe)
Is that baggie still in the car


#98 out of 100

3. Underdressed (Deluxe)
No amount of dancing is making up for the fact that it's freezing out and you're wearing a miniskirt


#53 out of 100

4. Out of Toilet Paper (Deluxe)
Unfortunately they didn't teach you this kind of creativity in art school


#60 out of 100

5. Bachelorette Party (Deluxe)
Why are there dozens of dick popsicles waving around at a techno club?


#71 out of 100

6. Dead Phone (Deluxe)
So much for the afterparty. Or the hookup. How am I even getting home tonight?


#71 out of 100

7. Lost My Friends (Deluxe)
Guess it's time to make new friends?


#85 out of 100

8. Can't See The Stage (Deluxe)
Sometimes it really sucks to be short


#30 out of 100

9. Tinnitus (Deluxe)
5000Hz forever


#91 out of 100